About Self Awareness Love

This site is dedicated towards giving attention to your own Self to rediscover the hidden beauty within and to find lasting Peace, Joy and Love, which is your True Nature and your True Self. 

The Offering

Self Awareness Love

Everything you are looking for is hiding in your own very Self.

Learn to become absolutely still in body and mind.

Learn to remain Self Aware and dive deep within.

Experience and Realize your True Self.

See that You are Free in the Joy and Love of your Own Being.

Years of Yoga & Meditation

Available Classes

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Effects of Self Awareness

Know your True Self

Looking at your own Awareness will reveal who You truly are beyond the identification with the body and mind.

Increased Awareness

Investing into Self Awareness results in an overall increase of Awareness both of your True Nature with its great qualities and all aspects of Life.

Discovery of Hidden Inner Qualities

Deepening into your own Self Awareness step by step reveals what you have always known when you were a small child. Your own very Self itself is Peace, Joy and most beautiful Love.

Stress Relief

Daily stress that accumulates in the body and mind is automatically released and replaced by the qualities of your True Self.

Relax & Refresh

The body and mind relaxes and becomes still as the Self Awareness deepens, resulting in a refreshed state similar to fantastic deep sleep.

Radiate Love

 Discovering Peace, Joy and Love as your True Self will naturally lead to radiating these qualities and thus uniting Everyone and Everything in it.


What People Are Saying

“At first it felt strange to keep the attention focused on my own Self as many thoughts were distracting me. But keeping to the class, week by week the stillness increased and my body and mind became relaxed like never before.”



Student, Yoga Studio

“I was suprised that by simple means it is possible to focus within in such an itensity that I forget the world around me completely to find myself immersed in a peaceful stillness.”


Student, IT Specialist

“Due to the practical work in my profession, my body is often stressed. Focusing on Self Awareness helped me to better stay centered in my inner joy and be less bothered by the ups and downs of daily life.”


Nurse, Kindergarten

Ready to invest in Your Own True Self?

If you want to learn the ways and means and stay in touch with a growing community who loves to become more Self Aware, You are most welcome!

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