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Welcome to explore your True Self and find lasting Peace and Joy from within!

About Me

M.C. Joy

Hello dear friend, my name is Mert and I have spend more than 15 years every day to discover the best possible means to explore the hidden treasures within. After having practiced all varieties of Yoga and Meditation every day for hours, some of them have proven themselves as most effective. These I am happy to share with you to save you time and energy to directly explore your True Self and find the inner Peace and Joy with the greatest ease.

“Enjoy the world, fulfill your wishes and at the same time increasingly explore your inner Self.”

Mert C., Founder of Self Awareness Love

Why Self Awareness Love

Find out who You truly are! 

Your own very Self is the only constant in your life and has many secrets that are awaiting your discovery. The quickest way to find out who You truly are is by turning your attention back to your own very Self. 

Self Awareness Love Classes

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Depending upon the current state of your Self Awareness, there are different classes to help you reach the next depth towards experiencing and knowing your True Self.

Self Awareness Peace Beginner

Start becoming aware of your True Self and discover the continuous Peace within.

Self Awareness Joy Intermediate

Deepen and expand the awareness of your True Self and realize the source of all Joy lies within.

Self Awareness Love Advanced

Deepen from Peace to Joy and from Joy to Love that lies at the core of your Own Being.


Experiences from Students

“At first it felt strange to keep the attention focused on my own Self as many thoughts were distracting me. But keeping to the class, week by week the stillness increased and my body and mind became relaxed like never before.”


“I was suprised that by simple means it is possible to focus within in such an itensity that I forget the world around me completely to find myself immersed in a peaceful stillness.”


“Due to the practical work in my profession, my body is often stressed. Focusing on Self Awareness helped me to better stay centered in my inner joy and be less bothered by the ups and downs of daily life.”


Ready to invest in Your Own True Self?

If you want to learn the ways and means and stay in touch with a growing community who loves to become more Self Aware, You are most welcome!

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